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Post Judgment Divorce Options

Post judgement divorce optionsYou’ve gone to Court and the Judge has issued a Divorce Decree that you think is unfair, or you are otherwise unhappy with it.  Can you appeal the Judge’s decision?  Yes, there are a number of avenues you can take that our firm can help you with.  The rules for filing an appeal are very strict, especially concerning the processing of the appropriate legal documents.   For instance, failure to submit a brief in the correct format, or a mistake in how the brief and appendix are to be prepared, could cause the clerk's office to reject the submission.  When a client is serious about winning an appeal, enlisting the services of an experienced attorney is crucial.

Our attorneys evaluate your case and determine which option from the below list is the best option to change the results in your case.

A Divorce Timeline: The Steps to Getting Divorced

Timeline of casesWhen divorcing, it’s difficult to know what to expect.  Divorce is a complicated process that can be full of frustrating delays and unpleasant surprises.  An idea of what is going to happen when can make an uncomfortable time a little more predictable.  Every divorce is different depending on your situation and also where you choose to get divorced, but the following timeline is a general overview of what steps will happen when.

1.     To start the Divorce process, either you or your spouse obtains a lawyer who writes and files a Petition with the court also known as a Complaint for Divorce.  This is a legal document that states why the spouse wants to divorce and how the spouse wants to resolve financial, custody, child support, and other issues.