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How Does the Court Determine an Award of Alimony?

AlimonyAlimony, also called spousal support or maintenance, is one of the more difficult issues to tackle during the divorce process.  With the exception of child custody and child support, no other issue is as personal or emotionally charged to divorce litigants.

Alimony is based on the premise that during a marriage, both spouses have an absolute obligation to support each other financially during the marriage and alimony is a continuation of this obligation after separation or divorce.  Accordingly, an alimony award is a vehicle for the Court to equalize the income stream of the parties after divorce for a determined period of time.

Child Custody in Maryland: Best Interests of the Child

CustodyThe question of "Who gets custody of the kids?" is one of the most difficult decisions for parents and their children when parents separate.  When child custody arrangements are being decided, the Court considers two types of custody: physical custody and legal custody.  Physical custody refers to where the child lays his or her head at night.  It is important to know that, absent extreme circumstances, both parents will share time with the child(ren) and in many cases some type of shared physical custody arrangement may be best for the child.  Legal custody determines who will be responsible for making the important decisions in the child’s life. This includes decisions regarding education, medical treatment, and religion.